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Haldi or turmeric are the essential ingredients of Indian cuisine. Spices area unit a special place in Indian art. it's celebrated at a recreation called the Haldi or Pitti ceremony. This is done in the homes of the bride and groom a few days before the marriage.


Haldi has health problems as an important ingredient in food items, as well as beauty and skin care. The style and color of the food adds to the turmeric, glow, beauty, and promotes healthy skin. This glitter is the Haldi ritual.

The paste is a mixture of turmeric, sandal paste and rose water.

A few days before the wedding, the elders will gather the bride and groom's homes and carefully prepare the mixture. It is the elderly women who apply paste on the hands, legs, legs, arms, bride's face, bride, and bride. They are blessed with their special day, and they enjoy a nice evening of music, fun and delicious food.

The bride and groom have traditionally been banned to meet each other until the day of the marriage.


According to religious texts, there are stronger features that protect from weak powers Haldi or turmeric. Bringing a bride and groom can prevent any ill odds happening before the wedding. This can lead to the bride and groom in the bride's line. They will not leave until the wedding day.


Older women are showing their love and prayers symbolically by applying Haldi paste. As a couple try to get into their new life, their blessings and the desire of those who want a healthy marriage.


According to some Hindu texts and traditions, the turmeric cleans the spirit of the body. The paste uses the paste to cleanse the body from any patent, thus making the couple look clean and beautiful for their new life.


tumeric is known as a strong antiseptic. This scientific knowledge can be justified in applying the body. Hamily pastels help to remove acne and acne problems

Additionally, it becomes antiseptic, and the body will automatically alter itself against any small infection that threatens the body before the wedding.


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