Stuffing your wedding album with mundane couple pictures and group photos with long lost family members is never an exciting idea. If you and your partner want to have some vibrant breathtakingly beautiful couple pictures then a pre-wedding photoshoot is something you should never miss. Though it seems like a fancy idea that costs you a few more bucks, in actuality a pre-wedding shoot is much more than that.

Creating Rapport with your Photographer

Unlike the wedding shoot, a pre-wedding photoshoot is carried out in a more relaxed manner, helping you to build a good bond with your photographer, helping you to get comfortable around the camera. Meanwhile the cameraman can explore the best angles and positions that work for you. Getting acquainted with the style of your photographer can calm your nerves if you’re camera-cautious. And once having an idea of the working style of your hired photographer, you can choose whether to continue with him or not.

Getting to know what works for you

The perks of having a pre-wedding photoshoot is that you will get a chance to know what works the best for you in terms of: ● Poses ● Positions ● Angles ● Outfit Style ● Makeover

And hence guiding you to choose the type of photography you need for your big day. A well-executed creative pre-wedding photoshoot will help you to explore the best possible options. Drone pre-wedding photography, Outdoor pre-wedding photography etc. can add more vibrancy to your pictures.

A Visual Treat

The stunning images of your creative pre-wedding photoshoot can be added to your wedding invitation card or displayed as a slide-show during the reception to provide a visual feast to your guests.

An Exquisite Addition to your Wedding Album

A candid pre-wedding photoshoot offers a stunning addition to your wedding album, helping you to keep it simple with those natural pre-wedding photography poses, since the moments captured are intended to catch your unadulterated moments of togetherness. Having a budget pre-wedding photography will help you to keep the expenses under check. Having a seasoned team of photographers in your team is something you will never regret when it comes to wedding photography. Whether it be pre-wedding, wedding or post-wedding photography Camrin Films will provide you with the best assistance and services, helping you to get hold of every concern related to capturing the best memories of your Big Day.


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