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Recent years have seen unparalleled innovations in the field of wedding photography and 2022 won't be any different. Couples want to keep their memories forever cherished and the hunt to narrate the love story in the most unprecedented ways always ends up in creating unique wedding couple poses that go hand in hand with the theme of the wedding. Ask the photographer to present the moodboard of couple poses in general or can get more specific by asking for wedding poses - girl or bridal poses with husband. Let’s Break the Ice Communicate and let your photographer get a hint of your relationship dynamic. It helps in choosing the couple poses that actually go well with the couples’ personalities. Explore the common interests and then carry out a theme shoot based on it. It will depict the essence of the couples’ personalities as well as the subtleties of the bond you share. Other than these personality dictated couple poses, you can go for the universal couple poses and then integrate it into the cultural context.
Wedding Poses Indian Couple There are so many things that are culture specific when it comes to Indian weddings like the floral garlands. Exploring such aspects of Indian weddings opens up splendid ideas of wedding couple poses. Marriage Single Poses The single poses can be used to catch the glimpse of your emotions towards the wedding. There could be a myriad of emotions such as excitement, timidness, joy, laughter, playfulness, fun.. Each and every genuine emotion that depicts your individuality is worth capturing. Romantic Wedding Couple Poses How can someone miss out on the romantic part when it comes to wedding couple poses? Here you can go for some universal poses like: ● hugging and looking at the camera. ● Hugging and looking at each other. ● Hugging from behind. ● Close ups hugs ● Lift ups ● Forehead kiss ● Whispering in ears These are timeless poses to try with. A warm hugging pose indicates the comfort and intimacy the couples share.
The Landscape Luxury Whether it be cityscapes or in the lap of nature, get clicked relentlessly with the landscape around. Explore around and get the most out of it. Experiment with the Camera Angle For couples who are not so comfortable with facing the camera, wide angles are the ice breakers. It gives the chance to get the tiny person, bigger landscape trend into your wedding album, as well as helps you to get comfortable, before gradually moving closer to the camera. The close up shots pick up the details telling your story in the most beautiful way. Aerial shots using the drones add another spectacular marvel to your wedding couple pose session. Let Accessories Tell the Tale If the couples are engaged, the engagement rings can share the story in a metaphorical way. Other than the rings, accessories like couple bracelets, or costumes specifically designed with tints of their fairytale or other styling details can also be captured. Candid Moments This is a great way to add that aura of spontaneity to the couple poses. Go beyond the usual formal portrait session and add some extra to your couple pose session. Let the couples stay by themselves, and the photographer can click while they get into their normal rhythms and patterns and thus can capture the ‘real’ couples. Ultimately photography is an art, in which the artist captures his subject in the best possible aesthetic ways. And thus the rapport between the couple and the photography team plays a crucial role in getting the most out of your wedding shoot. The seasoned team of Camrin Films, with their bunch of amazingly talented photographers can keep you comfortable throughout the wedding shoot, redirecting you to make your poses fun and meaningful.


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