Pentecostal Wedding

 pentecostal marriage ceremony

If it's in Kerala (India)here's the scenario

  • A stage overflowing with pastors in white
  • A senior pastor so filled up with air he may float
  • The MC struggling to fit all the pastors into the ceremony so they can give their two cents.
  • The old ladies finding something to dissaprove, either the brides sari color, or the bit of make up, tch tchtch
  • Some bored uncles hanging around outside the church, who are from an other denomination and don't know what's taking so much time.
  • The sombre nature of the pastors, confusing wether it's a funeral or a wedding.
  • And finally the groom hoping he doesn't have to go to the bathroom , for the three hours of this dragathon.
  • Couple Poses – The Royal Shot!
  • Funny Melodramatic Moments!
  • Its Black. Its White!
  • A Walk to Remember – The ‘Chal Mere Saath’ Shot!
  • The ‘Can’t Wait to be with You’ shot!
  • Romancing the Rains!
  • The ‘I’ll take you Home’ shot!
  • A li’l Privacy Please!
  • Couple Swag!
  • That ‘Catching a Few Moments Together’ shot!
  • Status Update!
  • Wedding Vows!
  • Your First Dance!
  • The Essential ‘Just Married’ Shot!
  • The First Kiss!

Born Again wedding has been formed as an instrument of the Lord to help timely marriage possible to all born again children of Lord. We strive to be a tongue to those who feel alone or left out from the mainstream first because they had been saved by our Lord. As they are Born Again children, saviour, alone from a family and so has nobody to help or due to religious or economic reasons. Some of them are deprived of marriage and this is the prime motto behind such do initiative.

Kerala is the tropical Malabar Coast of India, about 600 km from the Arabian sea coast. The place is full of seaside slopes and lakes. Inland Western Ghats, mountains, tea, coffee, spices, and wildlife are the major tourist attractions. There are elephants, langurs and tigers in the national parks such as ewari, purayer, wayanad and other sanctuaries.