It is still like yesterday Camrin sprouted as a wedding studio. Since 2012, Camrin films have been with many families to realize their dreams and to weave them beautiful memories for a lifetime. In the blink of the eye, Camrin has grown into a fully fledged wedding studio with the latest technologies and equipment to create magic.

Every work committed by Camrin Films has been completed with high standards of professionalism and obligation which has made Camrin one of the best wedding studios in Kerala. None of the work has ever failed to win a place in our client’s heart.


We like to focus on unaffected and natural wedding photography – photographing real moments and real emotions as they happen. Our goal is to make our couples fall in love with their photographs and to relive the emotions of the day through their images as if they were back there, experiencing it all over again.

We don’t ‘set up’ any really false shots, like the bridal party being chased by a dinosaur, you know the one! We don’t put you into strange poses that aren’t who you are; We capture the real-life, beautiful moments of your day, by observing and capturing those moments as they unfold.

We will use flash when it’s really needed, and to create the more creative shots, but generally we work with natures beautiful light – the “photographers dream” soft window light, natures huge softbox on a cloudy day, amazing sunlight for more dramatic effect and of course shade under trees, arches or against walls.